Teacher Resources

Are you planning to use A WISH AFTER MIDNIGHT in the classroom?  In addition to the study guide at the back of the book, you might find these additional resources useful.  If you’re in or near NYC, be sure to check out the Discover Brooklyn’s History page for great field trip ideas.



Butler, Octavia.  Kindred.  1979.  Boston: Beacon Press, 2003.

Mussi, Sharon.  The Door of No Return.  New York: Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2008.

Myers, Walter Dean.  Riot.  New York: Egmont USA, 2009.


Davis, Kiri.  A Girl Like Me. Reel Works Teen Filmmaking, 2005. http://www.mediathatmattersfest.org/films/a_girl_like_me/

Gerima, Haile.  Sankofa.  Mypheduh Films, Inc., 1993.

Riggs, Marlon.  Ethnic Notions.  California Newsreel, 1986.

Spielberg, Steven.  Amistad.  Dreamworks, 1997. (Scene 11 in particular shows the Middle Passage)

Whitlow, Tre.  Black to Our Roots.



Berlin, Ira and Leslie M. Harris, editors. Slavery in New York.  New York: New Press, 2005.

Bolden, Tonya.  Maritcha Lyons: a Nineteenth-Century American Girl.  New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2005.

Harris, Leslie M.  In the Shadow of Slavery: African Americans in New York City, 1626-1863.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004.


Hayden, Robert.  “Middle Passage” (1962)



Marley, Bob.  “Redemption Song” (1980)



African Civilization Society Constitution (1861)


Frederick Douglass’ response to the African Civilization Society


New York Times’ 1860 article on the African Civilization Society


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