win a copy of TEENIE!

Debut author Christopher Grant will be joining us at Daddy’s Basement for our Holiday Book Party on December 13th!  Come on out to hear Christopher read and enter a raffle to win a copy of Teenie before its release date (December 28th)—and, of course, you can pre-order your copy from the bookstore…just in time for Kwanzaa!


~ by elliottzetta on December 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “win a copy of TEENIE!”

  1. After reading this announcement I want to live in Brooklyn!!! I know that must have been an awesome event. I wish I were there ;o)

    • Hey, Ms. S! Doret from The Happy Nappy Bookseller told us about your blog & reading group–a fantastic idea! You can’t swing a cat in Brooklyn without hitting a children’s book author–we are definitely blessed…

  2. When I first read your statement, “you can’t swing a cat in Brooklyn” I thought that was a title of a children’s book. HA! Thank you for your response ;o)

    Ms. S

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