’tis the season to buy books!

Not to be a Scrooge or anything, but I’ve been wondering just how many middle grade and young adult novels were published by black authors in Canada this past year.  You know we made a list of MG/YA novels for the US; well, now it’s Canada’s turn.  While I was visiting Toronto last week, I met with a black scholar who told me that there are less than one million blacks in Canada (compare that to the US where blacks are 13% of the population of 300 million!).  Still, ALL the young readers of Canada deserve stories that reflect the lives of black teens.  So far I’ve only come up with this one title.  ONE TITLE!  Bah! humbug, Canada…

Between Sisters by Adwoa Badoe (July; Groundwood)

It’s that time of year again—folks are putting together their “best of” lists.  Stop by The Happy Nappy Bookseller to get Doret’s take on the lily-white list posted on the NPR website; then head over to Reading in Color for the antidote—Ari’s got her PoC favorites for this past year, plus a list of her favorite PoC romance YA novels!

It’s also time to buy a book by a black author and give it to someone who’s not black—and I’m ON IT!  This is the busiest birthday week for me, and it’s also Cyber Monday—check out Carleen Brice’s list of online booksellers, and don’t forget to support your local indie booksellers.  We’re planning a holiday book party for Brooklynites—more news about that to come!  But don’t wait until our party to visit Daddy’s Basement Bookstore—they’ve got everything you need for the holidays…


~ by elliottzetta on November 29, 2010.

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