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If you’re a fan of YA lit, then you need to know about this new site!  Em and Nora interviewed me a couple of weeks ago, and today they’ve posted Em’s review of A Wish After Midnight.  I love that she appreciated the many shades of gray—people are rarely wholly bad or wholly good…

While Genna’s mom seems to see people in black and white, Genna is conscious of the gray. She recognizes the difference between Mr. Christiansen, her elderly Danish immigrant friend, and the white woman who yells at her for even contemplating renting a room in her building. And the white people who Genna works for in both timelines definitely fall into this gray area. Both Hannah and Dr. Brant are, at the very least, relatively kind to Genna and both offer their help and encourage her to explore college options. But “help” for both of them seems a bit more like an obligatory gesture than one offered out of friendship and caring.

Love YA Lit is also hosting a giveaway for Banned Books Week.  Read their invite below for all the details:

Date: September 25, 2010 12:01AM
Location: The United States
Every year around this time we get really excited for Banned Books Week, not because we are excited about book banning, but because we love that there is a special week set aside to celebrate the freedom to read! So this month we will be reading and reviewing books that have been frequently challenged or banned over the years and hosting a giveaway of a Banned Books Week gift bag (filled with so-called dangerous books).

To enter, all you need to do is share a link on our Banned Books Month page to any review you write this month (between Sept. 1st and October 2nd) of a frequently challenged book. We encourage you to include information about the book’s challenge/banning in your review. Each review counts as one entry. The winner will be chosen at random. (additional details available at our site)

For some great resources check out the ALA’s Banned Books Week site and Steph Su Reads’ Banned Books Reading Challenge.

Hope you’ll join us in our celebration of the freedom to read!


~ by elliottzetta on September 6, 2010.

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