revealing the secret formula

Really thoughtful reviews always make my day!  I love it when readers want *more* from the novel, and I wish the AmazonEncore edition made it clear that there’s a sequel in the works.  Calico Reaction has posted this evaluation (and a longer review here):

Must Have: Despite my brain hopping around demanding certain answers, I understand that my desire for knowledge shouldn’t handicap this book in any way, because really, it all depends on the reader, and I can’t make a blanket formula that’ll fit every reader as to whether or not you’ll want the same answers I did. We’re all different, after all. But I loved Genna as a narrator. Her POV kept me riveted, especially in present day Brooklyn, and I want so much for there to be a sequel it’s not even funny. There’s so much this book has to offer, so much this book has to show you, that it’d be a shame to let this one slip by. It’s a fantastic book too for a debut novel (I think it’s a debut, anyway, and if not, it’s still fantastic), and readers will also enjoy the nods/similarities to Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred (similar premise but VERY different story) and shades of Justine Larbalestier’s Liar, as we have similar narrators (except that Genna is not a liar) in both voice, POV, and stature. This is just a delightful read, and I’m so glad I finally got my hands on this. And Amazon has it RIDICULOUSLY cheap right now, so when I say it won’t hurt your wallet, believe me. There’s a reason I made this book my bonus read for the September Book Clubbers, and you should want to read this to find out why. Really, you should. I can’t wait for more from this author.

I *just* sent an email to all the teachers I know because it’s true—right now Wish is selling for $4 on Amazon…which hurt my heart a little at first, but then I realized what an opportunity that could be for cash-strapped schools looking to buy a class set.  As I work on the sequel, I think about all the loose ends from the first novel and *know* they won’t all be tied up.  It matters that I started Wish in 2001, and now I’m writing the sequel in 2010…I’ve evolved as a person, and my priorities as a writer have changed.  When I wrote Wish, I knew I wouldn’t reveal just what Genna wished for that fateful night; they call that narrative possibility, I think, and I definitely didn’t want to spell it out—let the reader imagine all the possibilities!  But now, with the sequel, I’ve chosen to focus on ritual and an actual formula for opening a portal into the past; Genna’s starting to realize that she can shift time with the force of her own yearning…the scene I wrote on Monday fleshes that out.  Where you wind up depends on the deepest desire in your heart, which is why sometimes Judah follows Genna—and sometimes he does not…


~ by elliottzetta on September 3, 2010.

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