Brooklyn the Borough

Here’s the footage from my June reading at Franklin Park in Crown Heights.  You can find videos of the other authors (Matt Gallagher, Sini Anderson, Hila Ratzabi) at Brooklyn the Borough.


~ by elliottzetta on July 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Brooklyn the Borough”

  1. omg i love the book i was looking at books to read while i’m heading to work. i have been reading this book in the train in the bathroom in the shower and everywhere i need to go. i love this book, i wish the sequel was in the library, thank you for writing the truth. i love the “mind’s eye” and “which matters more where the seed comes from or where it takes root and grow” thank you for writing keep going God bless

  2. Ruth–you made my day! I’m thrilled that Wish means so much to you–and it’s an author’s dream to have a reader quote her book! thank you for your support–the sequel’s halfway done…you can read excerpts by clicking on the Judah’s Tale link to the right.

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