A is for Anansi

I was pretty disappointed that “industry insiders” chose not to attend our panel at the Harlem Book Fair.  I hope they’ll watch the video on C-Span’s website, but I’m guessing most will simply continue doing what they’ve been doing: paying lip service to diversity, but doing nothing concrete to make change happen.  We’ve got another great event coming up in October—save the 8th and 9th for this conference at NYU: A is for Anansi.  I’ll be moderating the panel on Saturday morning; stay tuned for the complete list of program participants…


~ by elliottzetta on July 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “A is for Anansi”

  1. I could not make the Harlem Book Fair in person but watched and taped the segments on C-Span. The panels were very informative. I am upset at times with our people when they are not supportive of our causes. AA children need to see their images in books. I think including them in stories about themselves and their culture will propell them to read more. The down spiral of our children’s reading scores in public schools is heart breaking. I always believed if children could be taught their history and read books by AA authors that the reading scores would skyrocket to unbelivable numbers. Let’s admit that the public school system is baseily AA. I feel sometimes that we as a people have given up on ourselves and our children. Thank God their are still people out there who still care and continue to work hard to try to make a change. Thanks for trying-Love and Peace

    • Hi, Neecy! I often get discouraged, too, but I work in public schools and I see how dedicated our teachers are…they do everything in their power to promote literacy, even with their limited budgets. And there ARE parents who insist upon reading to their kids at home–we just have to make it viral, and let the book bug spread from home to home! I just wrote a post about this on my other blog:


      Thanks for being so invested in this important issue.

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