Want to know what’s really gratifying?  Looking up your book in a public library’s online catalog and discovering that ALL copies have been checked out!  That’s the case with the Brooklyn Public Library right now—all 14 copies are either checked out or on hold.  With the NYPL, it’s almost the exact opposite: of the initial 10 copies ordered last year, half are checked out (one’s missing).  But the NYPL recently added nearly 50 new copies of Wish to their collection, and that means there are TONS of books out there, just waiting for a library patron to snatch off the shelf.  In fact, if you’re thinking about forming a book club, you could even have your members request copies of Wish, which would then be sent to your home branch…lots of possibilities, people!  I visited a group of young women earlier this week—all are part of the Sister Sol Rites of Passage program, and all had read Wish.  It was great to talk to them, to hear their impressions of the book, and to discuss what it’s like being an author versus being a writer…and assuring them that writer’s block DOES end eventually!  There were some hardcore Judah fans in that room, so it’s good to know there will be an audience for Judah’s Tale once it’s done.  I should probably stop blogging and go work on the sequel, right?  One last fun bit of news—Wish will be published in Turkey!  We sold the rights last week.  Pretty cool…

I love the library, so I hope you’ll join me in answering the call to SUPPORT OUR SHELVES!  Every little bit helps in this difficult economy…


~ by elliottzetta on April 24, 2010.

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