time for tea

I had planned to go shopping yesterday so that I could show up at my book talk wearing something spring-y and cute…but I was tired yesterday, so I dug through my closet and wore whatever I found there.  I hate shopping, but when you’re giving a talk to teachers, you want to look artsy yet respectable.  I arrived early, had some mint tea (which was being served by a member of the Twinings family!), and then played a new board game with Susan, a librarian.  Mingling isn’t what I do best, so after that one game I slipped downstairs and hung out with the tech guys who, despite their best efforts, weren’t able to get the mic to work.  “I don’t need a mic,” I assured them, but I think people look at me–especially when I’m in my school marm clothes—and think I’m some kind of shrinking violet.  That image vanished as soon as my talk got underway, however.  I left the podium so I could be closer to the audience—at first we had maybe 8 people, but as I started to read aloud from Wish, more and more folks came over and sat down.  I *really* like reading my book aloud! Especially the scene where Genna slaps Mrs. Brant…and what better audience than teachers and librarians—the very folks who teach our kids to be “active listeners.”  Afterward I signed books, talked to teachers, and met debut author Torrey Maldonado—his book, Secret Saturdays, comes out this week so be sure to check it out!  He’ll also be giving a reading with fellow Latino YA authors Sofia Quintero, Nicholasa Mohr, and Elisha Miranda on May 13th—learn more by watching this great trailer:

Sofia’s novel, Ephrain’s Secret, comes out TODAY, so go grab your copy!

~ by elliottzetta on April 13, 2010.

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  1. I went to Vassar with Torrey and just heard that he had published his first YA novel. I was thinking that you two should meet and I’m glad to see that you already have. Just visiting your blog to catch up on your journey which always inspires me.

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