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Thanks to Deborah Taylor for posting this article on Facebook: Four Reasons We Need to Read to Our Kids.  I just finished answering some questions about my “recipe” for getting kids excited about books:

Make reading fun!  Read aloud, and read often.  Let your child see YOU reading and going to the library.  Let your child choose her own books, and ask questions as you read the books together.  Talk about the lessons learned from different stories, and urge your child to imagine possibilities—develop their imagination by always asking, “What if?”  Help your child to develop her own voice by telling you stories about her day, her friends, her dreams.

I wrote that yesterday, then this morning found this new review on my Amazon page:

5.0 out of 5 stars Mesmerizing Tale, March 2, 2010
By Janice Sims (Central Florida)

My daughter and I read this aloud. We enjoyed Jenna’s voice. She is honest, intelligent, and level-headed for a young woman who has been snatched from the twenty-first century and thrown back to 1863. I’m sure most of us would have fallen apart, at least for a while, but Jenna takes stock and adjusts to her surroundings. She’s the type of heroine you want your daughter to read about. I’m purposely avoiding giving a synopsis of the story because every other reviewer has done that. I’ll just say the story wrung every emotion from us. We cried at the horrible conditions of the slaves, we laughed when Jenna triumphed. The author has a way of describing a scene that pulls you right in and gets you involved in it. And even though the tale was set during slavery, and you might expect all white people to be depicted as evil, the author was fair in reminding us that not all white people believed in slavery, and there were some who were working to abolish it. As a fan of time travel tales, I thought this one was unique. I’m looking forward to reading more of the author’s work.

We also got another 5-star review over at Teens Read Too!

Lastly, I learned that Borders is having an Educators Appreciation Week: all current and retired teachers (college level included) save 30% between March 19 -27.  The item must be in stock in order to take advantage of the discount, so if you’re an educator and you want to use Wish in your classroom, all you have to do is go to Borders around the 10th and order the title so it will arrive in time to get the discount.  I’ve also been invited to present at the Educators Tea at the Park Slope Barnes & Noble on April 12—so if you’re in that part of Brooklyn, stop by!


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