remember to breathe….

Ok, maybe I’m not excited about the book launch—but I sure am anxious!!!  Last night I fell asleep on the couch for the third time and woke, again, before dawn.  I’ve got a little whirlpool in my stomach, and I have to remind myself—as I make yet another list of things to do—to BREATHE!  Then, early this morning, I found a Google alert that led me to this review at The Defender’s Online that fairly took my breath away—here’s a taste:

Elliott does an excellent job of recreating 1863 Brooklyn and the tumult of the time, including the roiling anger against those who could buy their way out of military service that led to the deadly Draft Riots in July, the back-to-Africa movement that galvanized both white abolitionists and free blacks alike, and the overarching danger of being black and female that exceeds anything Genna had known in the 21st century. And although there is plenty of history embedded in the novel, A Wish After Midnight is written with a lyrical grace that many authors of what passes for adult literature would envy as it examines universal themes of finding lost love, belief in one’s dreams and the power of friendship.

It’s not often that I feel sorry to finish a book, but there’s a silver lining at the end of this remarkably engrossing and transcendent novel—there are enough loose ends that a sequel to A Wish After Midnight is surely in the works. Which gives me hope that there may yet be an African American blockbuster series to rival the Harry Potters or Bella Swans that dominate the young adult genre.

WOW!  I think that reviewer needs to write a novel (ok, she IS a novelist)!  To keep myself busy, I’m visiting two bookstores a day, dropping off flyers and postcards so folks know my book exists.  Yesterday I also ventured into forbidden territory—a MAC store!  Rosa came along to provide moral support, and then blabbed on and on to the sales clerk about how I needed makeup that was suitable for TV b/c I was about to become a star…yeah, right.  I write, in part, b/c I get to linger in the shadows, observing from the outside.  I hate makeup and usually walk out with moisturizer and Chapstick, but am going to make a bit more of an effort from now on.  Best face forward, right?


~ by elliottzetta on February 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “remember to breathe….”

  1. Saw and linked to the great review! Congrats! I know about the “try to breathe” moments. Maybe more important, I tell myself this too: try to enjoy. Try to really be present and let it all in.

  2. great advice–thanks, Carleen! it’s so easy to just smile, nod, and then move onto the next task on your endless To Do list…I sometimes forget this is supposed to be FUN!

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