You know that feeling you get when someone says, “Hey—you did a good job!”  That’s what it feels like when your book gets a good review.  And thanks to some very special bloggers (those who make a conscious effort to read and review “brown books”), I’ve had that glow at least a dozen times.  The latest review of A Wish After Midnight can be found over at Archimedes Forgets.  I love reviewers who really delve into the story and find the “bells” that resonate with them most.  She titles her review, “Going to be pondering this one for a while:”

  • You want to read a book with a sense of place? AWAM’s got it. This isn’t overdone hipster Brooklyn; it’s a vividly drawn world that we tend to ignore when we think about that borough.
  • So much about women’s roles here, both in the contemporary and historical sections. Still trying to organize my thoughts about the space between conforming for survival and selling out, Gemma and Judah’s relationship, and women who are left alone.
  • Love, love all the allusions and name-dropping. Five Points, Henry Ward Beecher’s “mock auctions” – and if you’re at all familiar with Glory, you can’t help but cringe when Paul decides to join up with a Massachusetts regiment. *That* I want to see more of in the sequel, but only if he doesn’t end up on that beach in South Carolina.

~ by elliottzetta on January 23, 2010.

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